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Anna Stoklosa

Exploring through the Yarn Store, looking and touching the coloured yarn, instantly I can picture the design and the particular person in it. Yarn is only a ball of thread, differentiated in texture and colour, but when used on a specific person, it works magic; the transformation is automatic and not only does the colour looks nicer in new shapes but also the person right away looks outstanding.

Exploring through the Fabric store, touching while examining each of many fabric textures - instantly I can picture a particular person known to me in a specific design from this new fabric who will goes perfectly with it.

Imagination is the key to LOOK GOOD.

Experinence in Fashion

 I began designing and creating clothing as a young girl - my curiousity converted into extreme passion towards an Art. The passion for Arts I shaped and sharpened while attending the Technical School of Art in Europe, which mastered me in the hand drawing, painting, colour and texture orientation as as in sculpture. Designing in a professional school for five years has situated me into a position where I had to work not only with colours, but also with textures, shapes and moods. Intensive training combined with my passion for beauty and creation with extraordinary taste, directed my life by working not only with people but also for people.

I am one of the unique fashion designers who not only know how to design, but also directly work with material/fabric, yarn/textile, colour and textures and compose outstanding creations fit to a particular person.

I hear complements all the time in regards to my clothing; mostly, the strangers want to know in what store I bought my clothing. People are having positively shocking reactions when I respond that I make my own garments.

Since 2013 my designs are published in Canadian "A Needle Pulling Thread" Magazine, where anyone can access my patterns and designs.

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My Services to You


- transforming any person into a proper-looking-one for any occasion;

- choosing fabric, yarn and design for a particular person and particular occasion;

- choosing yarn and designs to bring up the beauty that lives within the person;

- designing and creating clothing for all ages, for general use as well as for extraordinary clients with a sophisticated taste;

- I have an excellent imagination and I am a creative thinker;

- I specialize in design and creativity on demand;

- I am designer, consultant and instructor.



[email protected]

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